Welcome new MVPs!

A new rounds of MVP awards is up and there's a lot of new ones and some old ones that have returned (like Angus even though we try to get rid of him, we love the little Aussie). Congrats to everyone who made it into our crazy and bizzare club. The recent MVP Summit made some great press with Microsoft and it explains what an MVP is and why we're here (as I tried to do horribly did a few posts ago) so check it out here and here.

Also shout outs to Heather Solomon, a long time SharePoint contributor, who joined the club this time round. Much deserved and we'll be seeing you under the table at the next Summit. Again, congrats to everyone. Here's to another great year of sharing and change!

Update: Here's a list of all the new SharePointHeads in MVP land (with links that I could find for their respective sites/blogs):


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