Visual Studio released into the wild!

Just found out that the release version of Visual Studio 2005 and various goodies are now available on MSDN Downloads. This includes Visual Studio 2005, Visio for Enterprise Architects (2005), and SQL 2005. These are the standard and professional editions of VS2005 but not the Visual Studio Team System line.

Gentlemen, start your engines!

Thanks for the IM AC!

EDIT: I managed to download SQL Server 2005 and Visio but couldn't get the IDE before both MSDN and the downloads turfed. According to Microsoft they are working on it but expect to get your download later with the other products coming online within a few days as well.

EDIT 2: DVD images are now online and the download site seems to be functioning again. Hope there's nobody on dial-up that's trying to get this stuff. Also watch for some cool announcements next week about VS2005 and what's going on in my corner of the world.

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