Like the World Needs Another Podcast

Well actually, for you it's start up your favorite MP3 player. Yes, I've dived into the deep, dark quagmire called podcasting. Together with Dan Sellers, John Bristowe, and James Kovacs we've launched a new podcast on .NET (like the world needs another podcast). John pitched the idea to us about doing a podcast (similar to .NET Rocks! but more techy and laid back) a couple of months ago. A few weeks ago we gathered in John's abode to commit our voices to the airwaves and a legend was born. Uhh, yeah.

It was a fun time and I'm hoping the podcast will be entertaining or informative to some. Be kind as it's our first foray into podcasting so other than the various technical glitches in the podcast I think it came out okay (as okay as one can sound without being completely boring). There was some discussion on SharePoint (briefly) but most of the podcast was focused on the VS2005 launch and the .NET 2.0 framework (with some bad Xbox 360 and Microsoft Bob jokes thrown in for good measure). If there's interest (and we hope there is) we'll continue this on a somewhat regular basis so feel free to leave your feedback in the forums and subscribe to the feeds to stay updated (yes, yet another userid/password you'll have to remember).

You can check out our Plumbers @ Work site here and try to live through the first episode here. This should be available on the MSDN audio site shortly as well.

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