Adventures with CEWP: The Real-Time Clock

Todd Bleeker lives and dies by the Content Editor Web Part (CEWP) and so do I. This is such a great little thing to prototype ideas through, create small scripts to show what can be done and get solutions up and running quickly and easily before you break out the C# project. In fact, you can also do some amazing things with it by overriding styles and writing simple JavaScript in it.

Recently someone asked how they would go about putting a clock on their site. You know, the real-time one you see ticking away on peoples sites. There are a gadzillion of them out there in JavaScript so why not chuck one into a CEWP to create a clock. Sure enough, CEWP is your friend and always comes through.

You can check out (and use for your own nefarious devices) my JavaScript Clock Web Part here on my SharePoint playground site. Thanks to Maxx Blade's Clock for the JavaScript. Enjoy!

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