InfoPath 12 web and mobile forms

Like the SharePoint team finally did, the InfoPath team has stepped up to the plate with their first blog entry on the next gen for form entry, InfoPath 12 (okay, so it’s a codename the real name will be known soon enough). For some of us this is old stuff but for those that haven’t seen it, InfoPath 12 will deliver the same rich client experience forms you get today but in a web browser. Nice.

What’s really slick is the additional platform of targetting mobile devices (as seen above). This really opens up the possiblities for doing some seriously cool stuff with forms.

Forms that live in SharePoint form libraries.
Forms that can be delivered to your mobile device.
Forms that can have workflow attached to them.

Yeah, that just plain rocks.

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  • Infopath always was outsider and I'm not believe something will change radically.Why the hell you need Infopath if you have Atlas with data binding and mobile browsers-like opera???Designer?You get it for Atlas very soon and you have many choices for web design,if you ask me.

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