Free as in beer for VMWare

Nice way to start the weekend off. Maybe by now you’ve seen the news (I caught it through Roy Osherove’s blog here) but on Monday, VMWare is releasing their GSX server for free. Yup. Basically it’s the same as Virtual Server that you can get from Microsoft (except it costs a lot less). Like Roy, I too am using Virtual Server (well, flipping between Virtual Server and Virtual PC) and it comes with my MSDN subscription so I use it for all my development, but there are a lot of features that VMWare has that Microsoft doesn’t.

Anyways, the link to where you can download it will be here (not active yet, probably will be on Monday) and you can catch the CNET news article here.

Might be a good time to consider a switch if you haven’t already made that purchase of the Micrsoft product. Take a look at VMWare has to offer. After all, free as in free beer is good isn’t it?

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  • NICE!!!

    I too have been flipflopping back and forth with using Virtual PC and Server for my test Envirionments and VMWare Workstation 5.0 I think the biggest plus is the enhancments you get the ability to take snapshots that are managable in VMWare. This is possible also in Virt PC but its not as clear in the process of doing this.

    Also another feature I enjoy is the ability to take avi screen captures. This is usefull for both demo work and documentation.

    As much as I hate Mondays... with this free download I may actually have some semblance of a smile on my face on this day... thanks for the good news Bil

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