Episode I - Infiltration into Tiny Things and the Rescue of the Ewok

It all started so innocently. Rory Blyth and his so called “TinyThingswanted some attention. Wanted some traffic. Wanted somebody to love.

Then he succumbed to the dark side. The dark side where fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to page hits. Unfortunately, as there are always casualities in war, Mr. Byth took it upon himself to capture and is currently holding an unnamed Ewok against his will.

That was the last straw. I have put together a top secret covert operation comprised of a band of the top MVPs to rescue the little guy. As Solution Architect of the dastardly deed, I went ahead and drafted together the blueprint for the rescue mission. Please review it below in order to prepare for the mission.

Click to see full plans

I only hope that we’ll be in time to rescue the poor little Ewok.

In the meantime, please visit Rory’s TinyThings site and check out his cool podcast about that stuff you keep in your pocket (no, not THAT stuff, the OTHER stuff like PDAs and electronic doofers).


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