SharePoint Connections - Orlando - Day 3: Sessions, sessions, sessions

It was a slow(er) blogging day yesterday at the show as I was running around madly getting updated with the vendors here, meeting new people, making trouble in the speakers room, and generally enjoying the Florida sunshine. Mos the day the speakers were in the speakers room, wildly typing up code, tweaking presentations and generally having fun (although at times it was pretty intense in there). I think Carl Franklin and Rick Strahl were in the the entire day (although Carl claims he did leave for a bathroom break a couple of times).

I had a great chat with Mark Miller of DevExpress about Code Rush and Refactor. I’m slowly shifting from ReSharper over to the CodeRush camp as various people like Hanselman totally convinced me (watch this guy code with these tools, he’s a machine). Mark really knows his stuff and they have a great attitude towards their customers and the community. If you haven’t seen the training videos yet, please do but they’re only part of the magic that is Code Rush. Also, the DxCore, the engine that runs Code Rush, is completely free and very, very powerful. There are some great things you can do just with DxCore so be sure to check that out. Mark is so confident (and well versed) with Code Rush that he’s got a crazy session today. He’s going in with no code, no slides, nothing. Just the notion that he’s going to build an add-on, tool, or whatever using Code Rush based on audience participation. This is writing code in a straightjacket at it’s finest. We think he’ll do fine (even if he is insane).


Lunch was fun as we jammed with Fitz and Tom Rizzo between their sessions. They presented a few tandem sessions on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS) which was nice (if you didn’t catch the info at PDC or the Office dev cons yet). Lots of great demos and even some code with even more great questions. This is going to be the best year for SharePoint. Not only are there more SharePoint vendors at this conference than any others, but the number 1 selling book at the conference is SharePoint 2003 Advanced Concepts by Jason Nadrowski and Stacy Draper (which I’m going to pick up to check out now). Since I couldn’t snap a picture of him on stage I figured I would do the next best thing, catch him eating. This is truely Microsoft Unplugged.

Butter Fitz

Today it’s sessions, sessions, sessions and I’m off to pop in to see various people and tweak my sessions for tommorow. Back later with more pics and updates.

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  • Bil,

    Great job on the photo blogging, I love skipping through photos people take while on the road - it just ads so much extra to the readers experience.

    Every time I go on the road I keep yammering on about how I will blog this and post these photos but rarely ever get around to it. I have decided to change that as these posts are so much more enjoyable to read than standard text.

    Hope you are having in Orlando.

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