SharePoint Connections - Orlando - Day 4: Here we go

Finally got to my sessions this morning. My first one was Test Driven Development with SharePoint. I did the presenter faus paux and miscalculated my time. I thought I had an hour and a half + time for questions but I only had an hour, so I didn’t get to the mocking demo. I think it was okay and people were engaged. TDD is a hard topic to begin with and it’s hard to cram unit testing, creating tests, making design decisions, etc. in an hour and end up with valuable content (especially when you toss SharePoint infrastructure on top). In any case, it’s an interesting topic and some people said they were going to get into it more (most people, at least based on the feedback, had never heard of unit testing before). I’m not making excuses here, just wish I had more time.

I’m just going over my branding and customization session now for this afternoon. It’s mostly demo based so lots of SharePoint stuff, few slides (which I prefer) so we’ll see how that goes. I want people to be honest with feedback so if I suck, tell me. I won’t bite. There’s also a Q&A period for half an hour for everyone and a bunch of us will be on stage for that (as well as giving away prizes) so be sure to make your way there at 3:00pm.

Rob Howard and his IBM

Anyways, all the code for the sessions along with the slide decks will be available tonight or tommorow. The code isn’t going to be a lot of use because you need some understanding of why it’s written that way, but if you do download it and need more information just fire me off an email and let me know.

Back later on how the afternoon goes.

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  • Hi Bil - your TDD session was an excellent introduction, and a good way to learn enough about the concepts and vocabularly to get value out of other content online. Thanks! I'd be interseted to see a post or link to more information about the mock-object testing (PomBok?) you mentioned that there wasn't time to cover. I can believe that testing with mock objects would execute faster, but I can't figure out how they can prove that the calling code is really working properly.

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