SharePoint Connections - Orlando - Day 5: Goodbye DevConnections, Hello Mickey!

DevConnections is over and we’re off today to visit the Magic Kingdom. No blog entry later on how Goofy I got, but check my Flickr site for pics (DevConnections Set, Orlando Set). Then tommorow it’s airplane day as we spend the better part of the day in large metal tubes floating over the planet as we return to the western part of Canada and Earth again.

Goodbye Orlando

It was great seeing old friends (Julie Lerman, Brad Smith, Bob Mixon, Michael Herman, Daniel Larson, etc.) and meeting new ones (Mark Miller, Carl Franklin, Rick Strahl, Scot Hillier, etc.). Hope to see more people at TechEd 2006 in Boston with many more blogs in between.

Back inna few days!


  • Awesome posts Bil - I've been following along - you also inspired me enough to get off my rump and post the pics I've said I'd post for a year.

    Cheers and I hope to see you at TechED 06

  • Great posts, Bil. I've enjoyed attending the conference vicariously through you. Did you cover your new Sharepoint Discussions web part that you wrote about in January?

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