And thus the NDA was lifted, let the blogging begin...

As of today, Microsoft has lifted the NDA for Office “12” beta testers. So now we’re free and clear to blog about Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server 2007. The floodgates are open, now there’s a surf building that will be unleashed shortly. This is great news as there are so many fantastic features and information that we want to show you before the public beta later this year. Now we can. Here’s the official word from Microsoft on this:

As of March 21, 2006, Microsoft is officially lifting our previous request for non-disclosure of Office Server products. This change in our NDA policy is driven by the open nature of the Office Developers Conference and the information that is being covered at that event.

The following things are now public:

  • Product naming and packaging
  • All Client applications, including Groove 2007 
  • All Server applications, including both capabilities and feature-level server details 
  • Key investment areas (collaboration, Business Intelligence, Enterprise Content Management, Enterprise Project Management).

There are still a few things that will be kept under wraps, but nothing vital so stay tuned from now until Beta 2 as we discuss capabilties and features of SharePoint Server 2007. No post right now as I’m just getting caught up on a million emails and such, but will be coming back with new information and details about the next version of SharePoint for you (this goes to say that I’ll still blog about the current version, but mix in the new SharePoint Server 2007 products and features along with it from time to time).


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