Documenting the SharePoint Forums Web Part

I've started putting together the documentation for the SharePoint Forums Web Part (SFWP anyone?) on the CodePlex site so let me know if there's anything you're looking for specifically (and feel free to jump into the discussion forums there to get some open discussion around features, bugs, etc. started). I've also started a FAQ here that you can use for a quick reference on things if you're not into reading lots of text (like most of us are).

Also note that I've removed the download link that used to be on and all downloads of the Web Part need to be done through the CodePlex download link here (this will require you to agree to the license agreement). The Web Part is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 License. This basically means that:

  • Commercial use of the Web Part is allowed
  • Modifications (including derivative works) of the Web Part are allowed as long as they are released under the same license as this one

Please respect this when using, modifying, and sharing the Forums Web Part.


  • Unfortunately, I can't register on CodePlex yet - it keeps on barfing.

    Can you please blog or add a note that explains in more detail what to do with step 4?


  • Same problem here. If you password is not set up correctly as per CodePlex requirements, you can't use the same user id again, it says user id already taken (lol, without a password)

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