SharePoint Forums to be Open Source

I’ve decided that I’m going to release the source code to my SharePoint forums web part. I think it’s a pretty nice piece of work and figure it can only benefit by having the source code out there and other people contributing to it (or learning from it). The source contains various patterns and techniques that I use such as:

I won’t be releasing the source with the initial version of the web part (which I’m trying to get out for tommorow) as I need to clean things up and make it consumable by the public, but a couple of weeks or so after the initial release is when you’ll be able to download the source. The only thing I’ll ask is people to contribute back to the codebase if they make any enhancements so I don’t have 10 different forks out there all competing with each other.

Unlike my Microsoft April Fools joke about Windows SharePoint Services being open sourced (which fooled a few more people than I expected) this announcement is real.


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