Swamped in Redmond this week

Just a note that I’m swamped in Redmond this week. We’re doing some work with Microsquishy, and frankly I’m finding that I’m getting back to the hotel at 10 to be back on campus by 8. Somewhere in between there I’m trying to catchup on about 200 emails I have, plus trying to get some code and whatnot written in the interim. Not a lot of time for this, so if any mails/questions fall by the wayside that you send me please understand I won’t be too responsive this week (or next week for that matter as I’ll be close to being off the grid as I’ve ever been). Thanks.

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  • We understand that you are too busy now a days, Once you get the free time, please continue writing step-by-step article on CAB that you have started already. Pls do it.

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