Another 30 minutes of your time

James squeaked in our latest Plumbers @ Work podcast we recorded on Sunday night with his mystical editing skills. It took him just a little over 24 hours to post the podcast as we've switched the format over to a more casual half-hour of "3 guys and a small dog having a conversation" format. It was interesting as we stumbled through the first in this format as we really didn't have our usual 1-2 hour prep work done (links to sites, blog posts, news, etc.). We just... talked. It was fun and relaxed and I'm digging the format. Hopefully we'll get a little more comfortable with it ourselves and maybe pick up a listener or two (in addition to the 4 we have now, which includes John, James, and I re-listening to it ourselves to hear how dorky we sound). Anyways, catch the show directly here in MP3 format or here on the site.

P.S. Community Server weirdness. If you highlight something like "Plumbers @ Work" and try to create a hyperlink to it, Community Server refutes this attempt and makes the text the same as the link. The @ symbol must be throwing it off or something. Odd.

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