ASPInsiders, now with more me!

I’m pleased to say that I’ve recently been coerced accepted into the ASPInsiders group. The ASPInsiders is a group of a hundred or so propeller head geeks and geekettes that are dedicated in helping out the ASP.NET community through books, forums, blogs, and other community events. They also provide feedback to the ASP.NET team on developing technologies and will occasionally go out and have a good time at a bar (or two).


I feel honoured to be part of the group as it contains a whos-who list of top guns in the ASP.NET world and gobs of people I know and respect like Eli Robillard, Ben Scheirman, Rick Strahl, Julie Lerman, James Kovacs, Rachel Appel, and many many others.

Thanks guys for letting me into the cool kids club. I’m sure there’s some bathrooms that need cleaning up or something!

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