Dolphins, Humans, and Digital Wristwatches

Yeah, the titles are getting sillier and sillier but that's a direct result of being locked up in a room with John Bristowe for 3 hours consuming pizza, filtered Calgary water, and podcasts. James has taken over the all important but seldom overlooked duties of splicing together the mess that we call a podcast, Plumbers @ Work and put episode 10 online.

Lots of great discussion about OR/M tools like NHibernate and the ADO.NET Entity Framework (they really need a cool, catchy, codename) and game development and stuff. JP is MIA but he'll be back.

You can catch the episode here on our podcasting site Plumbers @ Work and download it directly here to your favorite MP3 device, like an Etch-A-Sketch.

10 whole episodes of greatly outdated material and bits that nobody will ever listen to again. Maybe someday we'll get big and strong and start wearing the big-boy pants and have some useful to say, in the meantime be sure to kill an hour listening to this.

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