FIT and DDD in Edmonton

I'm giving a talk to the Edmonton .NET Users Group at the end of the month (man how time flies) about how to use FIT with Domain Driven Design. Should be a blast as we're heading up for a couple of days to soak in the shopping experience (what else do you do in Edmonton?). Here's the abstract:

Many development teams undertake projects by diving straight into writing code, maybe even doing Test Driven Development based off of requirements. For business scenarios, there exists an excellent tool that can help the team both understand the domain and produce testable requirements as the understanding about the domain grows. What does it take to translate business requirements from spec to tests and how can you ensure that the domain is valid and meets the needs of the system?

This session will outline the important of FitNesse and the FIT Library by showing how to drive out foundations of domain-driven design and walk through building out testable requirements that a cross functional team can produce in a short amount of time. We will explore the identification of domain concepts and how they "fit" in with the testing model through code and web pages.

More information about the session with directions, times, and all that boring stuff on their website here. See you there!

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