Five degrees of separation

There's a tagging game going on in the blog-o-world. I traced the origins (I think) back to Jeff Pulver here. Basically someone tags and you have to come up with 5 things about yourself that relatively few people know. You then go and annoy the crap out of 5 of your friends who blog to do the same. Glenn Block tagged me. Yeah, it's 2007 and we're practicing digital chain-letters but oh what the heck, it's almost January 2nd and I still haven't finished my blogging day just yet.

Here's 5 completely silly things you may (or may not) know about me (or care):

  1. I used to be big in graphic design doing movie poster (for movies that would barely show up on IFC), animation (for films I'd rather not admit I was part of), and drawing comic books (indy back when indy was cool, never did the big Marvel or DC titles).
  2. I was part of a special effects studio based out of Oakville, Ontario where I did matte paintings and special effects. We won an award one year from Much Music for the effects on a music video I did work for.
  3. I drive the biggest, gas-guzzling vehicle known to man (a Dodge RAM 1500 Megacab) and I'm proud of doing my part for the environment (I also have a Suziki SUV so I generally take up the slack up for the gas quotient per person in Alberta). Go ahead naturalists, have at me!
  4. I've never broken a bone in my body but did have my appendix removed a few years ago (just before it was about to explode in a rather Stubbs the Zombie like move).
  5. My name "BIL" is spelled this way because back in the 80's when video games and quarters were all the rage, the games only supported entering three letters when you got a high score. I got a lot of high scores and would only be able to spell "BIL" instead of "BILL" (curse those Atari programmers!). So it just stuck.

There. Tag. You're it. I ceremoniously tag the following people that have crossed my path in the past and will now pay for it, or face the wrath of the broken tagging game:

  • Jean-Paul Boodhoo - Developer Craftsman Extraordinary, in any language or tool
  • James Kovacs - Intense 64-bit .NET guy and recent Architecture MVP awardee
  • Kate Gregory - Awesome C++ skills and a fellow Canuck
  • Joel Semeniuk - My Winnipeg Team System guru
  • Keith Richie - Former Microsoft SharePoint guy, new Mindsharp SharePoint guy

Go forth you uber-geeks and thou shalt write 5 things about yourself, not 3, and definitely no more than 5, and then tag 5 other people with the same fate.

Who knows, maybe someone can make some money from this silly game then we can talk again. Here's a thought, someone could build a diagram of everyone who tagged everyone else. Then we'll see how close me and Mr. Gates really are.

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