Fool me once, fool me twice, April Fools Day has come and gone (again)

No, this blog is not being sued. As some observant readers figured out yesterday, the cease and decist letter to shutdown my blog was a hoax. Astute readers pointed out the Milton, Chadwick, and Waters was the law firm from the movie The Devils Advocate and that John Milton was the character played by Al Pacino. It was the first movie with lawyers that popped into my head and seemed appropriate, although the law firm from John Grisham's novel "The Firm" would have sufficed.

What most people didn't pick up on was that the hoax was actually setup by me. I was not the person on the recieving end of a prank as some people thought, you were. There was some news item on Saturday about someone having to change the name of their product and the idea for my blog popped into my head. I did a quick search to find an example letter and just filled in the blanks.

For those of you that are expecting the blog to shut down by April 15, sad to say I'm still here and will be for some time. For those that started the "Save the Bil" fund, I thank you but please send you money to people who club seals for a living or some other deserving group. I don't need it.

I don't know if I'm very, very, good at doing these April Fool blog posts or really, really, bad at them. Last years post of open sourcing Windows SharePoint Services got some people riled up (including unnamed sources deep inside the hallowed halls of Microsoft itself).

We'll have to hang around til next year to see what my augmented mind can dream up.


  • "I thank you but please send you money to people who club seals for a living or some other deserving group"

    People who club seals are a deserving group?!?

  • I loved it.
    In Code-Camp-OZ a funny presenter gave us a "quick update" that it was just announced that Microsoft will not include blinq in ORCAS...the groans in the audience were replaced with laughter when he switched to the next slide - April's Fools!

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