I Am Pursefight

The darkness of anonymity has finally gotten to me.  I can't take it any more.  First it was a group of alcoholics that I hung around with who decided to go 'anonymous' *.  Then it was my poker buddies **.  It finally got to me and before I knew it I was an anonymous blogger.  Oh, you knew it all along folks.  I'm the bad ass, Perez Hilton wanna-be exposing the dirty laundry of the Alt.Net world.  I am Pursefight. 

I am Pursefight

Today I'm coming clean and claiming what is rightfully mine.  I've been silent for some time now as I've wrestled with this decision.  I'm not sure I'm ready for the lime light, the paparazzi or the fame.  I know that if it starts to be a burden I will post to the newsgroup asking you for your opinion and guidance.  The initial four weeks of discussion will be spent deciding on how, or even if, we should define 'fame'.  After that we will settle down into a fine bit of Alt.Net name calling and personal attacks.

Regardless, I have been, and will continue to be, here for you.  Every day I will be at the pier waiting for you...for I am Pursefight.

* While I don't condone binge drinking, I sure hate a quitter.

** I don't suggest gambling away your child's pre-school tuition.  I named her Vista though...I'm guessing that pre-school isn't going to help her get over that.


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