I keep Hugh in my back pocket

I really do. Sort of.

I had to get a new set of business cards. All those fish bowls and throwing cards away really has dwindled my supply. Rather than going with traditional cards, I've been using ones with designs by Hugh MacLeod on them. I just ordered a new batch tonight, landing solidly on my favorite cartoon to date from Hugh (besides the Blue Monster). Here's my new cards:




A little hard to read but just the basic info, my tagline from my blog, my blog address, phone number and email. The usual suspects. I'm really happy with the cards and they make for an interesting conversation piece at conferences, user groups, and general geek fests. I highly recommend them. You can check out all 72 gapingvoid designs here on Streetcards (with new ones always being added when Hugh comes up with a brilliant idea, which is quite often).


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