Looking for some Code Review Tools

I'm looking around for some tools to help us with code reviews. Currently code reviews are setup every couple of weeks, reviewers are sent into the codebase to pick what they want to review (we had been giving them chunks but I felt that put us at a disadvantage in picking out the good code and not seeing the bad), then during the review we'll just have Visual Studio up walking through the solution. ReSharper is great and makes navigation a breeze, but I'm looking for something better and wondering what other people use. Ideally we only want to review code that's changed since the last review of it, so something that would give us visual diffs from a date or something might be useful (but haven't quite figured out how that would work logistically). So what tools are you using for your code reviews to help automate or speed up the process? Print outs and projectors or is it a little more sophisticated then that?


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