Setting up Windows Live Writer with

Just a quick tip on anyone setting up the latest version of Windows Live Writer (14.0.8064.206) and publishing to

By default, when you run the wizard it’ll stumble over the the autodetection so you’ll have to select your blog provider manually. Here’s the default selection when choosing Community Server:


Note the remote posting URL. The default value is incorrect (probably because is a subdomain). Entering will result in an error and you might be left scratching your head why you can’t publish your blog.

The proper URL should be like so:


Just thought I would pass this tip along in case anyone was having problems getting connected.


  • So we all pick and choose our own blogging sites, our own social sites, and our own e-mail providers, and our own IM providers, this is nice that WLW allows you to post to other blogs, windows would be smart to allow compatibility programs(and they are) to continue to be developed. what would be nice? 1 program to post and connect to all the popular sites, now that would be awesome.

  • Followed the steps that you have mentioned but I keep getting this error message. "Blog Server Error , User Does not Exist". I have used live writer for over an year or so for blogging purpose.Its now that I bought a new machine and in that I am trying to configure it but its just not happening.Any idea ?

  • You just solved all of my problems :)

  • Dude.. I'm sure you've written a lot of blogs that have helped quite a few people... count this one among them.


  • Hi Bil!

    Long time no see, sure hope you're doing fine!

    I recon you've been at as long as me, and probably you also had some troubles migrating to windows live id for login. I've tried setting it up with live writer, but no matter which login I try, i keep getting "user does not exist". What did you enter as your blog url (first wizard step), and what did you use for username/pwd? Old username, or new windows live one?


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