SharePoint Security Webcast followup

Thanks to everyone who turned out for the security webcast today on SharePoint. We had about 60-70 people on the webcast and I had a fun time giving it. A large part of the webcast was around the plugin authentication framework and leveraging the ASP.NET membership providers for using forms based authentication with SharePoint 2007. Unfortunately I didn't get to all the slides (40+ slides in 60 minutes) so if there's anything you're looking for more clarification or depth on, just yell.

As a followup, here's the additional resource links I mentioned during the webcast or will be useful for you with regards to security and SharePoint:

The webcast recording should be online in 24-48 hours so I'll post the link once it's available.

And as I mentioned feel fee to bug me via email if you have any specific questions or scenarios you're trying to figure out. I have a few emails already from the webcast today that I'm following up on so watch for some replies to those and possibly some additional fallout blog postings that I'll share.

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