SharePoint Site Roundup #SPC09

For those of you who watched the intro video at SharePoint Conference 2009 on Monday (you can view the video again here) I’ve put together a roundup of all the sites in the video (in the order they appear).

These are all sites built on Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 (well, sort of, see below).

Some of the sites are pretty obvious (for example some like AMD still popup up the Name ActiveX control) and others still show their /Pages/ document library. Some sites have pure HTML sites which doesn’t necessarily mean they’re not SharePoint. They could be SharePoint internally and simply publish static content out to the web. The other explanation might be that some of the sites in the video are intranet sites so you won’t be seeing them externally running SharePoint (these are indicated as Intranet only and there’s nothing to see).

Others are a little more clever in hiding the SharePoint aspect. For example Chesapeake does a great job of hiding the actual pages as the links all look very RESTful (and check out the QuickLinks on the last menu item, it looks like part of the navigation structure but is actually a styled Links list).

You can pick up some very interesting and unique approaches to using SharePoint by studying some of these sites and seeing how they’ve used the technology (many of them use jQuery and some popular plugins like Mega Menu)

A few I’ve marked with an asterisk. Some are empty shells, using SharePoint for navigation but the real site is behind it. Others have no SharePoint to be found. I could be wrong but my SharePoint kung-fu skills cannot detect the languishing beast. Maybe you can?

  • Continental seems to be using SharePoint as a front shell but once you click through you’re whisked away to a cold fusion site or some other technology behind the scenes.
  • MTV doesn’t look like a SharePoint site *at all and I can’t see where any of it could be SharePoint (maybe this is Intranet only?)
  • The link for easyJet actually takes you to which is a SharePoint site. is a classic ASP site (perhaps they’re upgrading?). I was unable to find an site that looked like the one in the video.
  • and other citi sites all seem to be .htm sites. Not sure where the SharePoint is here although the site in the video looks public facing to me.
  • The Tyson site in the video matches the public facing site and they are .aspx pages, they just don’t look like SharePoint under the covers. Perhaps they did a really good job scrubbing the pages (for example there’s no core.js files)
  • seems to be all .jhtml pages. The video looks like it’s the public facing site but again I can’t tell. I even tried the Press site featured in the video ( but it’s not SharePoint and doesn’t match up.
  • Vodaphone, can’t find the site (which looks public) from the video, just a static HTML site present.


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