Sorting Out The Pursefights

Who is the real ALT.NET Pursefight Blogger?Okay, by now all of you with a few ounces of grey matter have figured out that today's earlier post was an April Fools joke. I am not the ALT.NET pursefight guy and in fact, the blog post wasn't even written by me.

Here's skinny. A few days ago ex-Canadian cool kat Kyle came up with the plan (yes, he's the mastermind behind this madness). We would all post about something and post on each other's blogs, thereby confusing said reader (that would be you) and hilarity should ensure.

Various topics were thrown out (Google, Yahoo, Geeks who get laid, best goat raping techniques, etc.) but one seemed to be an interesting diamond in a bed of coal. The elusive identity of the ALT.NET Pursefight blogger (whom to this day I still don't know who it is).

The schedule was set and we all went to create our masterpieces. Of course The Mad Mexican made his appearance, albeit in the shower and in video. I'm not sure if I'm still over the Beth Massi affair in Vancouver so seeing MM in the shower just threw my whole day off.

In any case, here's the lowdown on who posted what and where:

And Sean Chambers, who wasn't really in this little ALT.NET pursefight meme of ours, went ahead and posted his own claim to fame. Good for you Mr. Glory Hound ;)

There you have it. The circle is now complete. The kimono is open and the magicians have shown you how we sawed the lady in half.

See you next year!


  • more importantly, it was also revealed today who the "anonymous" comment poster is on!

    But I will leave the search for this answer as an exercise for the reader

  • Oh dang...had no idea it was April 1st...uhm..disregard my post from today. that was actually a joke!! haha!

    At least I wasn't called a glory houn... oh err umm..nevermind

  • Bill,

    Next Alt.Net con I'm hunting you down.
    Because of the "I am pursefight" poster you made i watched "I Am Legend" on the plane back to Israel.
    That's 2 hours of my life I'm not getting back and that's because of the ad you made for that movie.

    I'm not sure how & when - but I'll get my revenge.
    Probably. if nothing better comes along :)

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