Spinning SharePoint Plates on RunAsRadio.com

Managing a SharePoint deployment is like spinning plates. The RunAsRadio.com guys invited me to chat with them for a show yesterday about SharePoint. In it Richard Campbell, Greg Hughes, and I talk about SharePoint deployment, management, logging chains, tools, DotNetNuke, taxonomies, concealed lizards, information architecture, security, and spinning plates. All in 30 minutes.

Greg and I go way back in SharePoint history with our experience, struggling (and surviving) with the early incarnations (Microsoft's "digital dashboard" technology from 2000) and Richard continues to think of SharePoint deployments as a "virus" (we'll cut him some slack as he's Canadian and it's snowing in Vancouver).

It was a fun, relaxed show that's now online in all the flavours they usually offer (MP3, WMA, etc.) with full downloads or torrents (which is frickin' awesome if you ask me). You can check out RunAsRadio.com here and my show, show #43, here. I think it's awesome that we're talking about cool stuff one day and it gets published on the site the next. That's efficiency from the PWOP Productions team! PDF transcript should follow in a couple of weeks.

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