Splash me baby, splash me!

I'm looking for a good graphic design that can beat this:

SharePoint Builder Splash Screen

Specifically a splash screen for my SharePoint Builder tool. Requirements are simple: an image of some size (it's a splash screen remember so 1024x768 might be a bit large) that represents what the program does, namely helps you build SharePoint configuration files.

SharePoint Builder

Think you're up to the challenge? The reward is my undying gratitute, your name in lights, and the warm fuzzy feeling that you contributed to something useful in the universe. Not bad for a Sunday afternoon huh.

So break out your crayons and send me your ideas (final or otherwise) via email. Let's give this 2 weeks from today and see if anyone comes up with something cool. I'll post the entries here and maybe we'll hold a public vote to pick the best.

Thanks for helping out!

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