Tree Surgeon is Looking for a Logo

A new release of Tree Surgeon is forthcoming and I’m looking to the community to see if someone with some time and artistic skills on their hands would be interested in putting together a logo to kick things up a notch. Tree Surgeon is a .NET development tree generator. Just give it the name of your project, and it will set up a development tree for you in seconds.

The UI for Tree Surgeon is pretty simple and it doesn’t need to be extravagant (you run it once to create a new solution tree and you’re done, this generally doesn’t happen dozens of times a day unless you’re someone like me). However it would be nice to have something snappy as a splash screen and give the product a little branding.


The image will be used in the product itself (probably as a splash or something) and on the website (to replace the icky picture of logs I put there so long ago) so please size it accordingly.

Get your crayons out and thinking caps on and let’s see what you can come up with. The rewards? My undying gratitude, exposure on the blog (for the 10 readers that I have), and 15 minutes of fame (and I’ll toss in some XBox 360 games or something cool that I can dig up, Microsoft or .NET related of course; no Java swag here).

Any ideas are welcome and I’ll post the entries here on the blog (please provide your name, email (if desired), and a link to your website (if desired)). Please submit your entries to me via email.



  • Hmmm, I've no artistic flair whatsoever but purely out of intrigue I did a google image search on "tree surgeon". All I found was image after image of men with chainsaws chopping trees to the ground... Not really the image you were after or in keeping with the ethos of your app I suspect :P

    Not sure why I posted this, just thought it was a little ironic and it's always nice to get a non-spammy light-hearted comment eh?

  • Heh, equally unhelpful, in my FireFox tab, this post's title comes up as "Tree Surgeon is Looking for a Log..." which is surely appropriate though?

  • sounding like an idiot but how would this work with

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