Two things...

Two things I learned this morning and it's not even 7AM yet.

  1. You can open up an image in Paint.NET in the File Open dialog by specifying a URL to an image on the internet. I'm assuming this is nothing new and maybe any File Open dialog can do this (not sure) but it works in Paint.NET. I was opening a file that I though I had copied the local path name in the clipboard. Instead I had the URL to it on a website. So I let it go and do it's thing and lo and behold it had brought the image down and opened it up for me in Paint.NET. Cool.
  2. Visual Studio (2005) holds a reference to your solution files even if you select File | Close Solution. This has bugged me for awhile but I was re-syncing my local folder with what was in TFS and needed to blow away my local directory. I selected File | Close Solution and waited a bit, then proceeded to delete the files. Up until recently, I just installed SysInternals file locker unlocker tool and up it popped telling me that msdev.exe had a hold on the files. No matter what I did I couldn't tell Visual Studio to let my files go (even opening another solution). So the only way to delete a directory of a project you've opened is to shut Visual Studio down. Very annoying to say the least.

Wonder what the rest of the day holds?

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