Winnipeg here I come... what was I thinking?

image I'm heading out tomorrow to the airport to spend the weekend in Winnipeg for the first annual Winnipeg Code Camp. I'm very honoured to be invited to speak there but there is that weather. Grant you, Calgary isn't all that great these days. We went through a spell where it was -50 C with the windchill factor (yeah, that's "5-0"). Checking the weather site for Winterpeg, tomorrow its currently minus 34 and the high tomorrow is minus 21. Oh well.

I'm doing two sessions, one on Behaviour Driven Development and getting the "test" word out of your vocabulary (as well as some tricks with turning executable specs into end-user documentation). The other session is on Domain Driven Design. We'll do a brief overview of what DDD is and cover the patterns usually associated with it. Then we'll dig into validation techniques and keeping your domain clean (including bubbling things up to the UI layer).

Should be fun and it's my first time in Winnipeg for any amount of time. Not sure with the weather what we'll be doing but Vista and Mommy are in tow and we'll see if we can paint the town red while we're there (do the drinking laws in Winnipeg preclude 9 month olds I wonder?). See you there!


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