You know you've been playing too much LEGO Indiana Jones when...

It's a great game, but don't let it take over your life 

  • You jump around the house hoping to trigger the door open to that last golden artifact
  • You instinctively target anything that looks like it could produce studs while walking around campus/work
  • You don't go too far away from your spouse in the fear you may reappear somewhere else unexpected
  • You start targeting everything with a hook in it with your bullwhip and try to pull it down
  • You don't worry too much about getting hurt since you'll probably pick up a heart somewhere
  • You create torches and toss them around in the backyard, thinking you'll blow up some hidden latch
  • You hop on the back of your dog, hoping to leap off and onto your roof
  • You push on a wall as you walk down your living room hallway looking for secret entrances
  • You carry a shovel and a book around with you, just in case


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