Some blogging todos...

There continues to be a lot of (what seems to be) frequently asked questions however either people are not visiting and consuming the great SPS and WSS FAQ sites or something is falling through the cracks. Just a note to let you guys what I'm working on in the SharePoint/.NET space and will be publishing over the next week to help spread the knowledge and hopefully help out some groups:

  • HOWTO on the whole custom filtering thing in SharePoint views. This is a big discussion that gets asked all the time (like how do I filter on something other than [Today]). I'll have a full blog on the various tips and tricks on this.
  • HOWTO customizing email alerts (both in SharePoint Portal Server and Windows SharePoint Services as they're different). Again something that gets asked a lot but isn't crystal clear.
  • CODE my SharePoint wrappers are ready for production and re-use which should help you work with SharePoint through web services. They're pretty robust, support both 2001 (using COM Interop) and 2003 (using Web Services) and can be used in any .NET, COM, Delphi, etc. application. Very cool.

Also this blog is now aggro'd (my word) on MSDN Canada Blogs now so lots of happy-happy-joy-joy there. More aggregation is better I always say (well, okay I don't ALWAYS say it but... never mind)


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