3 Geeks in an Elevator

Recently at the MVP Summit, Scott Cate was stuck in an elevator for a short stint (last night actually as he told the world his ordeal via Twitter). Elsewhere in the universe, a video surfaced of Nicholas White who was trapped in a New York elevator back in 1999. For 41 hours. Being stuck in an elevator is one thing, being stuck there for 3 days without the ability to pee is a whole 'nuther world.

It piqued my curiosity though. If you were trapped in an elevator for 41 hours who would you want to have with you and what would you talk about? So here's my Internet meme experiment. Blog your idea and link back or leave a comment here on my blog. There are of course some rules:

  • You're allowed to spend your elevator time with 2 people and they must be living (that leaves Keith Richards and Charles Babbage out).
  • They must be of the geek persuasion. This could be anyone from famous to unknown (Bill Gates, Steve Wozniak, Ward Cunningham, or even Justice Gray, be creative).
  • You have 41 hours with them in an elevator and no access to the Internet, a laptop or any other technology to speak of. Just you, two geeks, and your powers of conversation.

Being locked up with someone for this long, what would you talk about? Would you pit Linus Torvalds against Bill Gates on an open source discussion, or pair up Martin Fowler with Donald Belcham to discuss the finer points of Canadian whiskey?

Okay, go.


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