.NET eBay consultants auction and the Tsunami Victims

Thought this was a great thing for people looking to get some expert .NET help and help out the Tsunami relief (why is Tsunami always spelt with a capital 'T'?).

Julia Lerman and Stephen Forte have put together a unique .NET charity auction to help out. Thirty of the top consultants and trainers in the worldwide .NET community have come together to help raise money for an organization that is doing amazing and heroic disaster relief in Aceh Province, Sumatra, the hardest hit area of the Dec 26th Tsunamis.

Bid for an hour of a .NET Celebrity Consultant’s time. Winners can pick the brain of a .NET Expert for an hour (highest bidders will be first in the “draft” for the consultant assigned to them). Winners can call, email or IM the consultant and use the hour to answer that nagging question, do a code review, or just get some general .NET advice.

The participants are RDs, MVPs, and INETA speakers from all 6 continents and 12 countries and include:

Michele Leroux Bustamante, Kimberly L. Tripp, Jonathan Goodyear, Andrew Brust, Richard Campbell, Adam Cogan, Malek Kemmou, Jackie Goldstein, Ted Neward, Kathleen Dollard, Hector M Obregon, Patrick Hynds, Fernando Guerrero, Kate Gregory, Joel Semeniuk, Scott Hanselman, Barry Gervin, Clemens Vasters, Jorge Oblitas, Stephen Forte, Jeffrey Richter, John Robbins, Jeff Prosise, Deborah Kurata, Goksin Bakir, Edgar Sánchez, Thomas Lee, J. Michael Palermo IV, Vishwas Lele, and John Lam.

So how would you like one of these guys (or girls) come to your office, hang out, bring donuts, tell you everything about Visual Studio 2005 (breaking all kinds of NDAs in the process), try to convince you to use DataSets everywhere and that XML is the only language there is, do code reviews, help debug something nasty, convert your Java finance system to .NET, defrag your hard drive, organize your MP3s, or whatever. Check out the eBay auction site here.

Sounds like fun to me, but then I was always kinda odd.

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