PDC Day 03 (The Universal Aftermath)

All I have to say is a jaw-dropping wow. Not only did Microsquishy rent out the entire Universal Studios lot for the evening for all attendees, they opened up most of the food places (Mel's Diner, Flintstone's Drive-In, Jurassic Cafe, etc.) and provided that gratis (along with beer and wine booths everywhere). I can't imagine how much that cost but I'm sure it's just a rounding error for Mr. Gates and co.

It was a great night last night and I'm sure everyone has a fantastic time. This was my first time in L.A. (besides driving through the airport on the way to Mexico, but that's another blog) so actually seeing the sites and events is bonus. The park wasn't very crowed as it's designed for probably 50,000 people and PDC caps out around 7,000 so lots of room to move around, short (or no) wait times on all the attractions, etc. The only drawback was that it was dark so the studio tour wasn't too exciting as you couldn't see very much (or get very many good pics). I highly recommend taking the studio tour during the day as you'll probably see a lot of activity and actually get some cool pics of sets and whatnot. There were a few films and shows shooting (like Alias) but the most we saw were some extras standing around waving (unless that was Jennifer Garner in the white, in which case... call me).

So a busy night of fun with lots of walking (26,922 steps, 20.28 miles!), eating, and drinking and no computers, Office, or SharePoint. Hey, even a geek has to take a break once in awhile. Even Wilson got into the fun so check out my Flickr pics for more. Now it's off to a short breakfast and a long day of walking and talking and posting long blog posts (that nobody seems to read but I'm just not a bullet point kinda guy).

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  • Hey, you promised long winded rants!

  • What? This isn't long enough for you. I don't think I have it in me to do posts like yesterday again (although ask me that by the end of today)

  • Dude, it didn't cost Mr. Gates a damn thing - remember you or your company paid several thousand to go to PDC......

  • The only downside was that many of us were left waiting in line at the hotel until sometime after 8pm... apparently due to an accident on the Hollywood Freeway) so we arrived at the party sometime around 8:40. Even Microsoft can't avoid traffic jams, I guess.

    In any case, once we arrived, the show was great. Terminator 2 3D was cool, and the Mummy rocked... i even got to hold down my beer!

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