Tired of the boring old Quick Launch?

Then try Bob Mixon's replacement Quick Launch! This is tres cool so thumbs up from me (and I didn't even know he was working on this). Not only does it look exactly like the default Quick Launch (meaning you could go and replace it on everyone's site without them knowing, sneaky huh?) but check out some other cool features he's added:

  • The ability to turn any set of lists on or off. So if you chose to not display Surveys, simply turn it off.
  • The ability to display separation lines below the grouping headers.
  • The ability to display an Actions section with access to manage site settings, users, content, and alerts.
  • The ability to display icons next to items
  • And, the best of all features, the ability to dynamically add any items to the quick launch bar (with your own groupings) through a standard SharePoint list.

You totally have to check it out here. Go. Go now. What are you waiting for?


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