What else can go wrong today?

Yeah, it's a bad day for Billy today. Let's walk through what's happened so far to me today:

  • My VMs crapped out on me to the point where they were not usable and I had to rebuild them (bluescreen of death in a VM is pretty much a given death)
  • Spent the better part of yesterday just physically installing stuff and not getting anything done. Visual Studio wouldn't install from the DVDs. I switched to a copy I had on an external drive (that I've used in the past to install from) and it would freeze halfway through.
  • Differencing disks (yes, I went down that path to try it out) were just dying left, right, and centre. I fully believe that using a differencing disk on an external drive when you're installing software doesn't work, no matter what anyone says. It also really doesn't save me space as 1 master image = 2.5gb. 1 diff image = 4gb (because it saves the changes, it decides to save the entire swap file). 1 copy of master image with extra software installed = 3gb. I don't see a savings here.
  • Trying to move to a new external Iomega hard disk as I bought a new 250gb one to replace my 80gb one for demos, presentations, etc. Can't seem to install onto it.
  • Forgot my phone at home this morning (don't you hate when that happens?)
  • Somehow left my Outlook client running at home so now it's picking up emails every few minutes. I usually shut it down so I can access mail to my ISP via a web interface.
  • Discovered that IE7 is absolute crap (feel free to quote me on this) as a) it barely renders most web pages where there's CSS layouts involved and b) it can't render SharePoint sites worth a damn. An upgrade should at least do what it's previous version could do, even if it was doing it incorrectly. Now I'm hoping I can uninstall it cleanly or it's paving time.

Yeah, it's pretty craptastic today and doesn't seem to be getting much better. Feel free to leave suggestions as to how my day can get worse.


  • Sorry to hear what happened. I suggest you take a walk - have some cofee - reminisce - return

  • Hey Bill,

    I could come up with some doomsday scenarios for you but I'll save you that and help you out instead.

    I too have discovered the wonders of IE7. I have yet to find a Microsoft site that it works well with. Sharepoint sites? Forget it. Anyway, I also run the Maxthon browser (IE 6 based) and I use it for all the sites that IE7 dies on. This way I don't have to try to get rid of IE7.

    As for Outlook, you should really have it save a day or two worth of emails on the server and then you wouldn't have that problem.

    Good luck with the rest of your day.

  • I think that the IE7 "problem" is that it adheres to web standards better now (yay!). CSS hacks that were previously necessary for IE are no longer required but the continued use of these hacks breaks many sites for IE7.

    IE7 is the most standards compliant version of IE yet so calling it crap seems a little harsh.

    Sharepoint needs a service pack to support IE7 - MS should support other browsers while they're at it.

  • At least you still have your hair :) Go home... pull out the vodka. Toss a cat around and you should be good.


  • Oh and you can replace "cat" with any small furry creature. I know you like cats. :)

  • @Bob: Dogs too, especially when they want to go play in the yard at 1, 3 and 5 in the morning.

  • Have to disagree with you on the differencing disks. I have been using them as my ONLY VM method and have yet to have an issue.

  • @AC: Nah, you're wrong. Nyah. Nyah. ;)

  • LOL Gotta love those days Bil :)

    PS: I have had no real trouble with IE7 and SharePoint. There are still several CSS issues but at this point it's mainly because of CSS hacks being used. There are actually a bunch of CSS improvements in the beta2 preview. :)

    This should cheer you up,

    Chuck Norris once shot down a fighter plane with his finger by yelling BANG!

    Ok maybe it didn't but I found it funny when I read it :)

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