Lost another camera

I have the worst luck with cameras. On my trip to PDC last year, I lost my digital camera somewhere between the airport and my hotel going in. On Sunday I lost the replacement camera I bought down in L.A. (a Olympus C60, 6MP nice camera) on the way from the Vancouver airport to home.

Oh well, guess it's off to buy another one. Any suggestions? I'm very happy with Olympus but willing to take a look at something else.


  • I'm thinking about buying a new one myself too. Currently the Kodak V570 is on the top of my list. It features a dual lens system, including a 23mm wide-angle lens.

  • I sugget you use a label printer to but a label on the camera with your name and cell phone # (cover it with scotch tape).


  • @Jim: So I can meet cute thieves?

  • In last few years, I've used Canon (DSLR and P&S types) cameras. I am very pleased with the quality and performance. Try canon this time (if you don't like it and loose it again, you can go back to Olympus) :)

    Just my $0.02,


  • I have a sony 7.2MP - I wouldnt recommend it.

    Personally Id stick to Canon:)

  • Ouch. I have an Olympus. It seems to be pretty good and durable. I like it.

  • I have a Canon Powershot a620--4x optical zoom, 7.1mp. It takes great pictures. Someone else recommended dpreview.com--I also recommend it.

  • I'd recommend something with a velcro wrist strap. :)

  • But what do you need? small quick shooter? big SLR with lots of manual controls?

    www.dpreview.com is the best place to start...

  • Lost another camera to Dyco!!! Dooohh!!!

    I would suggest you purhcase an Etch A Sketch at this point or maybe taking up painting?

    Just my 2c or how does that break down in Canadian currency?

  • Bill

    I would suggest that you buy a job lot of cheap throw away manual cameras, then you can just have a lifetimes supply of them hehehe

  • I have a Nikon D70 for taking pictures, and a Casio Exilim Z750 for shooting pictures. Both produces quite nice results, and I would highly recommend them.

    Look around on pictures taken and, as mentioned, dpreview.com is a great place to start. When you narrow your selection you should try a google search with the cameras of your choice and f.ex. the word "gallery" (fujifilm F11 gallery). This will let you see some pictures taken by "normal" people as some of the sample-pictures on the review-sites seems a bit too "professional".


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