Looking for ChalkTalk ideas at TechEd 2006

Hey guys, I’m going to be at the Office DevTrack area for most of TechEd 2006 next month (June) hanging out, talking, and generally telling you whatever you want to hear about SharePoint 2007. While we’re there, there are sometimes scheduled Chalk Talks. Chalk Talks are short sessions (no more than 20 minutes) with you, me, a few of your friends, and a whiteboard (or flipchart). We can discuss architecture, implementation, development, whatever. Just something short and focused and fun.

I’m looking for some ideas on hosting a Chalk Talk or two while I’m there so if you’re interested in getting into something, email me (or leave a comment here) on something you’re interested in and I’ll see if I can schedule it in. I can’t promise we’ll get it slotted as there are only so many spots available, but if something interests you about Microsoft Office SharePoint 2007 (or 2003 for that matter, but we would prefer to talk about 2007) then now’s your chance to ring in.

I’m also hosting a BOF session so that will cover talking about what to prepare for as a developer, but I’m open to anything in the Chalk Talk area (as long as it’s Office/SharePoint related). Also note that we haven’t confirmed the schedule of when we (the Office track guys, myself and AC and a couple of others) will be in the lounge but once it’s confirmed we’ll let you know when to avoid the area.




  • WSS MOSS differences

    What's what with each one

    This has been a mojor point of confusion with 2003 and 2007 feature/function seems to be communicated only marginally better.

  • Nicole - Feel free to ping me via my blog... I'm. I'm happy to talk more about anything MCMS or MOSS related. Comparing the two is somewhat apples to oranges. Basically, MOSS is the next version of SharePoint Portal Server and MCMS' features have been rolled into the MOSS product line.

  • Oh sure, highjack my blog posting with your own comment.

    Those crazy MCMS MVPs!

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