Installing and Configuring the SharePoint Forums Web Part

I’ve detailed and completed the instructions for installing and configuring the Forums Web Part for your systems. There’s been a lot of people who have either never editing web.config to add SafeControl entries, or never created a custom security policy file and are a little lost in step 3 or 4.

You can find the complete instructions here on the CodePlex Wiki. Each step contains a link to a more detailed page outining what has to be done (with examples). Hopefully these instructions are complete enough for everyone.

Yeah, the system really needs an installer.


  • Can I install this as a site administrator--- I do not have access to the server or permissions to do anything on the server?


  • You'll need someone with permissions to make the additions to the web.config file and custom policy file. Once that's done, you as site admin can just upload the .dwp file but you'll still need those other changes first in order to tell SharePoint about the web part.

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