TestDriven.NET 2.0 RTM, what are you waiting for?

In this crazy age of monthly (and sometimes weekly) CTP builds, I see that Jamie Cansdale released the RTM version of his highly successful (and arguably the best damn add-in for Visual Studio hands down) of his TestDriven.NET tool. The screenshots kick the monkeys butt and I'm excited over some of the integration he's pulled off (with Reflector and other tools) and how the product just keeps getting better.

I personally bought a copy and recommend any developer worth his or her TDD salt to do so. Writing and testing code has never been easier. He's also got a deal going with the guys over at TypeMock with integration (and there's some bundling of both products to save some simoleans). I only wish he would include NMock2 support as I'm kind of hooked on that lately and don't need the Cadillac that TypeMock is.

Funny thing, when I was spell checking this post in Live Writer, here's what it suggested for TestDriven.NET:


In any case, go check it out and you won't be disappointed.

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  • When I made my post on this tonight I had the exact same thing happen and I thought "Gee, that is so odd I should alter the post to show it.....bahhh...nobody cares." At least I know I'm not the only odd duck out there.

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