Koders.com does CodePlex

I stumbled on a little known fact (well, little known to me, I'm sure the rest of the world already knows about it) that the Koders.com site (a site that indexes source code and lets you explore open source projects) actually indexes CodePlex projects and let's you navigate the source code from their site.

Kind of fun because Koders.com includes some stats that CodePlex doesn't, like the (approximated) development cost of a project (I think it's based on LOC). Okay, it's not accurate in any sense, but it sure is neat. SharePoint Forums (the 2003 version, 2007 version isn't posted yet) is apparently worth $43,815 although I don't remember getting a cheque for it.

Here's my CodePlex SharePoint Forums project on Koders.com.

In another ego search (on Koders.com) I found it had indexed my CDX project (a mature C++ DirectX wrapper, development cost $325,625; still waiting on my cheque) and a long lost project I worked on called Harbour (basically an open source version of Clipper) that I wrote back in 1999 (I wrote the console API for it, among other things).

Amazing crap you discover on the net some days...


  • @Matt: Dude! That totally rocks. A new blog for me to read. Sheesh, small world.

    Comicster looks pretty slick as I'm working on my own comic book reader/manager/editor (Comic Book Studio that I have to resurrect from sourceforge).


  • @Ken: Yeah, I'm all over the place eh? Not sure about the passwd file. I know it was listed in some documentation for SourceForge that I wrote but I don't recall it being put into a passwd file itself. Weird, but interesting.

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