SharePoint 2007 Rant #1

A new year, a new series as I get my WSS site online and finish up some crusty old 2007 SharePoint projects.

Dear Microsoft,

Why in the name of all that is holy did you make the Slide Library a MOSS only feature? I still fail to see what "enterprise features" a modified document library that has some extra functionality for slide shows needs from MOSS. Sigh.

P.S. Deleting all the content in a slide library when you deactivate the feature was a nice touch too, thanks for that.


  • yet another example of Microsoft being Microsoft

  • I think you should say "cranky old Sharepoint projects"! Yow!! How can a man with such a soft smile hold so much rage? ;)

  • Instead of ranting, be objective and post something that benefit other people. I'm sick of people who made their fortunes through MS products then turn around and rant for nothing. Why don't you denounce your MS MVP and join the open source community?

  • @Ed: That's funny. "who made their fortunes through MS products". Can't say I've made any kind of fortune. And for that matter, I'm already in the open source community as I run about a dozen OSS projects. Ranting for nothing? I'm ranting to be heard. As for this "feature" there's nothing that I can say about it to be constructive other than "don't do it". It's a flaw by design.

  • The deleting of content is very unfortunate and thanks for giving MS the heads up. If they are smart they will fix it, rather than shooting the messenger. Anyone who cares about MS has to let them know when they make gaffes that hurt the people really trying to use their tools in the real world, and hurt them unnecessarily. People using commercial products can constructively criticize it without being pressured to abandon it for OS. Its called objectivity.

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