SharePoint Builder now setup on CodePlex

Yeah, I'm a CodePlex junkie. First the forums, then the knowledgebase, now SharePoint Builder. SharePoint Builder, my red-headed step-child of a project that spawned from a cigarette conversation with AC (and others, they were doing the smoking) somewhere in Redmond.

SharePoint Builder

I've setup SharePoint Builder on CodePlex and it will be released under the same license the other projects are, namely the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 license. Basically, do what you will with the tools. Credit me for any derivitive works and feel free to use it commercially. I'm pretty easy.

As mentioned before, SharePoint builder (very different than the image above right now) is built on top of .NET 2.0, C# (code will be available at release) and uses the Composite Application UI Block (CAB) as well as Enterprise Libraries and a few other Microsoft goodies. You'll need the Guidance Automation Extensions and Smart Client Software Factory installed for the source code release.

No commercial libraries will be used, but I would really like to try building it using a Ribbon control as the paradigm fits well, however I don't want to tie anyone to a library that they have to pay for. Not sure what I'll do there as there are currently no free, open source Ribbon implementations and I'm not about to build one myself. 

No date on release yet as I'm wrapping up the forums and knowledgebase now along with another project I promised someone but will be doing small commits of the source over the next few weeks to get things into the system.

Also I'll be setting up the release on a public web server for ClickOnce installs in case you don't want to download and build it yourself but rather just use it.

Hey, I told you it was going to be a busy year. Second day and I've already done 8 posts, tagged 5 people, and updated 3 ongoing projects. Just wait until tommorow :)


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