What the heck happened to ASP.NET Weblogs?

I see (or guess) that ASP.NET Weblogs (where this blog is hosted) upgraded to a newer version of Community Server but boy it doesn't look good. Besides the change in the control panel and things, the look is pretty different on my blog, the sidebar has a few broken things now that I had to remove, but most importantly http://weblogs.asp.net isn't showing any content. Hopefully they'll have this fixed soon. Normally they announce major upgrades and such, but I guess you get what you pay for (free) so I can't complain too much.

Update: Seems a lot of people are complaining about the upgrade. Things are a little messed up here as the CSS has changed. I use the stock Marvin3 from the old .Text blog but it changed (or something around it) so there's additional white space and padding everywhere on the site. Other blogs that are using custom skins/css are really messed up. I noticed Frans' tags are just plain ugly and unreadable.

In addition JavaScript is disabled for the sidebar so I had to remove a few links I had and uploading images is disabled (or some kind of security problem is afoot). A couple of other problems were that the tag filtering doesn't seem to be working. On Weblogs, if we tag entries with certain tags they show up on the main page. Now it seems everything is getting up there.

I caught a comment by Rob Howard on another blog saying that emails had been sent out regarding the upgrade, but only 115 went out then suddenly stopped, as if thousands of processes suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. What a mess.


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